For Parents

Who Are the Yale Babysitters?

Yale Babysitters are current Yale undergraduate students and graduate students.

What experience do the sitters have?

The experience of each sitter varies. Some sitters have been caring for children for many years and have references; others have only watched kids in an informal setting. Please keep in mind that YALE SITTERS ARE NOT TRAINED BY THE UNIVERSITY. We encourage that you ask for references, and have a telephone or in-person interview. Yale University makes no representation as to the qualifications of the sitters.

How do I post a job?

After a parent or guardian registers for the Yale Babysitting Services, he or she can post jobs directly on the website. To register you will need to Log-in with your NetID and then fill out an on-line registration form. After you have registered the first time, you can always click directly on the appropriate link to post or review a job. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU POST A JOB AT LEAST FIVE DAYS BEFORE YOU NEED A SITTER. 

What kind of job can I post?

Parents or guardians can post a sporadic, one time job, or regular basis job with a set weekly schedule. Please keep in mind that because of class schedules evenings, weekends, and short, flexible daytime hours are ideal for most of the sitters. 

What happens after I post a job?

Sitters view jobs on the website, where they are arranged by day, time, and frequency. When a sitter is interested in your job, he/she will contact you directly. Once a sitter has confirmed a job, it is the parent’s responsibility to remove it from the website. Please remember that NOT ALL JOBS WILL BE FILLED. 

How much should I pay?

The Yale Babysitting Service does not have an established pay range. This should be discussed one-on-one with the sitter. Some factors to consider for payment include number of children and difficult hours. As a reference point, the parent or guardian may want to check with the Yale Student Employment Office for the current hourly wage.

What if I have a question, problem, or suggestion?

Please email